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Three Italian shorts won for the Human Right Section. Stefano De Felici, Stefano Chiodini and Enrico Parenti. Unemployment, precariousness, violence to women, third world: these are the subjects concerned.



16 shorts with this subject for the 6th day of the Salento Finibus Terrae festival.

These films were shown  at the San Francesco cloister, an evening in cooperation with Unicef.“Macchì muore due volte”, by Raymond Berou (Syria/Italy),  “Qualcosa in più” by Alfio D’Agata (Italy), “A te che lotti contro un muro” by Sandra Donati about the multiple sclerosis, “Francesco e Bjorn” by Fausto Caviglia, “Io sono qui”, by Mario Piredda and “Nando” by Marco Gozzo. From Spain “La mirada perdida” by Damien Dionisio and “Back up” by Mei Fan Tan and Alban Ielachenal (Switzerland), “Zalika” by Corinne Kempa, “I like trains” by Ben Lancaster and mattheu Hopkins (UK), and “War disease” by Marie Magescas.


La casa di Ester

by Stefano Chiodini won the  Unesco prize as best film of the Human Right section. This short by the Tuscan director deals with the family violence. Behind the apparent ordinary life of a couple, a woman finally becomes aware of the violence suffered every day recovering a past never forgotten(this short is also winner of 52nd Golden Globe, Rome). Cecilia Dazi, main actress (the victim) and Sergio Albelli (the husband).

"Zewdu the Street Child"

by Enrico Parenti, won the Unicef prize as best direction. It is the story of a child, 12, selling chewing-gum in  Ethiopia.

"Non siamo scarti"

by Stefano de Felice won the prize Assessorato alla Cultura città di Ostuni. The subject is about unemployed  people, over 40, that in Italy are about one million and a half.

Enrico Parenti Stefano ChiodiniStefano De Felici

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