Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae
Festival - Versione Italiano Festival - English Version

Direction Nico Zingelmann

Production: Filmakademie Baden Wuttemberg
Script: Nico Zingelmann
Photography Director: Felix Poplawsky
Editing: Marco Baumhof
Sound Technician: Daniel Weis
Music: Christoph Bremus
Actors: Herbert Knaup, Christoph Bach, Andrea Siehler, Peter Silbereisen, Hede Beck.
Germania 2006 - durata 18 Contacts
50 year Georg Komann and his colleagues at Jaffcorp Investment surprisingly get laid off by their company, without even getting a decent compensation. Knowing that no one will rehire over-fifty-year-olds, they need a goodplan to avert their personal and financial min. Komann risks everything by askìng his boss Sebastian Berg fora conversation that cuold change his life in any direction - a personal cali of 15 minutes.

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20 edizione
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