Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae
Festival - Versione Italiano Festival - English Version
Direction Valerie Reid

Production: Force Five Films
Distribution: Force Five Films
Script: Valerie Reid
Subject: Peter Donnelly
Photography Director: Valerie Reid
Editing: Valerie Reid
Sound Technician: Al Kincaid
Music: Michelle Koortse, Tahi Richards, Slipstream, Gordon Andreus
Actors: Peter Donnelly.
Nuova Zelanda 2006 - durata 1056 Contacts

Sand Dancer...refreshing look at life. Why is a man compelled to create vast art works which vanish in an instant?This documentar/ explores the very simple way to live life and looks at how a man 's quiet passion for drawing in the sand has reached epic proportions.

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