Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae
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Direction Ofir Dery

Production: Yair Nevo
Distribution: The Sam Spiegel Film & T.V. School-Jerusalem
Script: Ofir Dery
Subject: Ofir Dery
Photography Director: Mamdooh Afdila
Editing: ldo Nezer
Music: Yarden Erez
Actors: Gabi Amtani-Gur, Asaf Amiel, Arik Mishali.
Israele 2005 - durata 15 Contacts
Nissim is a 75 year old maintenance man in an archeologica! site, who wears a roman costume and tums into a tour guide in his spare time, contrary to the wishes ofhis boss. One day, Nissim discovers that his son Marco has become an officiai guide and he must give up on his dreams.

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