Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae
Festival - Versione Italiano Festival - English Version
Diritti Umani
Direction Damien Dionisio

Production: Osom Film
Distribution: Promofest
Script: Damien Dionisio
Subject: Damien Dionisio
Photography Director: Lucas Timerman
Editing: Carlos Capurro
Sound Technician: Guillero Quintana
Music: Guido Mastrangelo
Actors: Javier Diaz, Gabriella Pastor, Omar Sucari
Argentina 2011 - durata 11 Contacts
Argentina, 1976. Claudio is forced to live with his family in hiding, due to his political ideals. The house in which they live is discovered by the militars. No time to flee. Teresa tries to shelter his daughter in a fantasy world to save the girl from the horror they are about to live.

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