Salento Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio - Finibus Terrae
Festival - Versione Italiano Festival - English Version
Direction Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco

Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Script: Julie Rembauville, Nicolas Bianco
Francia 2008 - durata 3 Contacts
Kroak goes finishing early in the morning. From its bundle, he takes a whole panoply of tools, and waits for the fish that doesn’t come. When, finally, something takes the bait, it’s not a fish but a fridge that goes out from the sea, then a laid out table, and then a strange fish.



Nicolas Bianco Monsieur Jean, 2004 (animation), writter and artistic director Le Machino, 2004 (animation), writter and graphic designer Baptistin l’imbattable, 2006 (animation), co-writter and director 3 ours et 1 frigi vide, 2008 (animation), writter Kroak, TV Series : in development, Sacrebleu production, writter, graphic designer Ailleurs, 2008 (animation), co-writter et co-director Maître Géraldus, 2008 (animation), writter and artistic director Julie Rembauville • Monsieur Jean, 2004, 6’30’’ (animation) co-director with Alexandre Guy • Le Machino, 2004, 2’45’’ (animation) • Ni vues ni connues, 2005, 20’ (fiction) • Baptistin l’imbattable, 2006, 07’45 (animation) co-writter with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin. • Yermandé et puis voilà, 2007, 50’ (documentary), co-director with Gabrielle Schaff • Ailleurs, 2008, 4’14’’ (animation) co-writter with Nicolas Bianco-Levrin

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